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Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation Services at Momentum Include:


Orthopedic Therapy/Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Orthopedic therapy and sports physical therapy can help with the rehabilitation of injuries related to daily activity, exercise or sports. This includes care of the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves.

Some of the most common injuries we treat include lower back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. Momentum’s physical therapy services are designed for pain relief and strengthening for better movement, flexibility and overall wellness.


Surgical Rehabilitation – Pre-operative and Post-operative
Surgeries such as knee replacement, hip replacement and rotator cuff repairs all require physical therapy and rehabilitation. These surgeries and many others include post-operative rehabilitation as part of a patient’s recovery plan, but recent research suggests “pre-habilitation,” or physical therapy prior to surgery, is also beneficial. 


Manual Physical Therapy
This includes various “hands-on” techniques that do not require machines or devices. Through treatments such as passive stretching, joint mobilization and soft tissue massage, we can provide pain relief for conditions related to muscle spasms, muscle tension or joint dysfunction.


Medical Fitness
Physical activity is proven to combat many diseases including diabetes, heart disease and hypertension; however becoming active can be difficult especially when there are serious or multiple medical challenges. Medical fitness recognizes these challenges, coordinates a plan with your medical providers and develops an exercise prescription to get you moving. 


Benefits of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


Physical therapy can provide benefits to your health and wellness through pain relief and improving flexibility and strength. Physical therapy can also be effective in reducing the need for medication and avoiding surgery. After a thorough evaluation, Momentum PT & Wellness will work with you to develop a physical therapy or sports physical therapy program that can reduce joint and muscle pain, improve your strength and flexibility, and increase your physical condition.